Useful information

Volunteering at RDA is an extremely rewarding experience and provides opportunities to learn new skills, make a difference to someone’s life, be part of something special, make new friends and enjoy the fresh air, have fun and stay fit.  There are roles for everyone whether you want to work directly with Riders and the horses or as part of the critical administration team that supports the Group. 

The main steps in becoming a Volunteer are:

Initial Contact with the Group

Police Check carried out


  • Volunteer Contract completed
  • Relevant job description
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Pre-start extract

Induction (day 1 – 3)

  • Volunteer Induction Checklist
  • Code of Practice; Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons and RDA People

Ongoing Training

  • Volunteer Competency Card

Attendance at a Volunteer Training Course

You can find the  Volunteer Handbook by clicking on this link.