Becoming a Volunteer

Would you like to volunteer?

If you'd like to volunteer at your local RDA group, please contact us on 04 234 6090 or email

Volunteering information

Tell us your name, contact details and address (so we can match you to your local RDA group), along with what type of volunteer work you would be interested in doing by clicking here.

Please note that volunteers must be 14 years or over. An RDA group may choose to allow exceptions to this (for non-riding session duties) in specific circumstances. All leaders and sidewalkers in an RDA session must be 14 years or older.

Volunteering information for coaches

The coach plans the riding programmes and organises the sessions, and teaches lessons that enable the riders to achieve their goals. An RDA coach must:

- Be at least 18 years of age, with good communication, management, and teaching skills

- Have sufficient knowledge of riding, horses, and disabilities

- To be enrolled in an NZRDA Coaching qualification

- Work towards or hold an NZRDA Coaching qualification

- Have a commitment to maintaining safety

- Be prepared to undertake NZRDA training

Volunteering information for therapists

Registered New Zealand Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who hold a current New Zealand Practicing Certificate can work in an RDA group and provide programme advice and support to the RDA coach or instructor. Therapists are involved in sending and screening appropriate referrals, assessment of potential riders, regular review of riders and their programmes, assisting in matching the rider to an appropriate horse, consultation with other professionals involved with the rider to ensure a coordinated programme, goal setting and programme planning for individual riders, and acting as a resource for the riding team in health, therapy and disability.

For further information on education opportunities with NZRDA, please contact us.