Health and Safety

NZRDA Health and Safety Management System

Groups apply the NZRDA Health and Safety Management System, which is based on the following Ten Health and Safety Management System Standards.

Standard 1

Leadership and Accountability

The NZRDA Board, NZRDA CEO, Group Management, RDA People and contractors understand their accountabilities and demonstrate active leadership and a commitment to Health and Safety.

Standard 2

Planning and Resources

Health and Safety is an integral part of Group planning with Health and Safety goals and targets established to drive continual improvement in performance.

Standard 3

Hazard and Risk Management

Health and Safety hazards and risks are systematically identified, and associated risks assessed and control strategies put in place to manage their impact to as low as reasonably practicable.

Standard 4

Safely Controlling Activities

All activities are managed in such a way so as to prevent negative Health and Safety outcomes.

Standard 5

Information, Training and Supervision

RDA People, contractors and visitors are aware of relevant Health and Safety requirements, hazards, risks and controls, so that they are competent to conduct their activities and behave in a responsible manner.

Standard 6

Emergency Management

Procedures and resources are in place to respond to, and recover from, all potential emergency situations.

Standard 7

Incident Management

Incidents are reported, investigated and analysed to determine underlying root cause.  Corrective actions are taken and lessons shared.

Standard 8

Occupational Health and Wellness

Employees are provided wellness support. All RDA People are protected from health hazards associated with their work, and have access to effective injury management processes.

Standard 9

RDA People Consultation and Engagement

RDA People are consulted on Health and Safety matters and all efforts are made to engage them in the activities required to implement this HSMS.

Standard 10

Monitoring, Audit, and Management Review

Health and Safety performance and systems are monitored, audited, and reviewed to identify trends, measure progress, assess conformance and drive continuous improvement.