Education Programme

Te Aroha Group


Our education programme is designed to help those with special needs increase their learning though riding skills. Each rider has an individual riding programme set with information from their IPEs, teacher, carer, parent and RDA coach. This riding programme ensures it includes the New Zealand education curriculum key competencies and is designed to first support the vestibular and proprioceptive we all need to be successful learners. 

The key competencies are:

- Thinking –

Making decisions and shaping actions, planning, processing sequencing.

- Participating and contributing –

Sense of partnership, becoming a confident citizens, sense of belonging, to be actively involved.

- Managing self –

Setting goals, learning how to deal with the outcomes, developing resilience, growing self confidence, developing self motivation and assessment tools, creating a can-do attitude.

- Relating to others –

Behaving appropriately, cooperation and competition, accept advice, follow instructions, to listen, share ideas and negotiate, think about how the horse feels, interact with a range of people.

- Using language, symbols and text –

Reading signs at RDA, learning about body language from the horse and volunteers, conversing with coach and volunteers, learning horse vocabulary, recording technical knowledge about the horse, recalling and recording.