Children's Corner


Welcome to the Children's Corner!


Arts and Crafts


Would you like to make a hobby horse?

How about a horse made from cardboard rolls?

There are lots of how-to videos on YouTube, like the ones listed below.


Creative Drawing Challenge


Calling all great artists and creative drawing champions.

Send your artwork to us for our Virtual Art Gallery!


RDA Activity Booklet


Timaru RDA have created a fun activity booklet!

You can do a wordsearch, a connect the dots puzzle, an RDA quiz, and lots of other fun things.



Gingerbread Horse Cookies


We love to bake at RDA, and it's easy to bake some gingerbread horse cookies of your own.

This is the perfect activity for a rainy weekend at home – and it's yummy too!


Practice your indoor riding skills

indoor riding

You could set up a course in your house and pretend to ride a horse – jump over cushions and zigzag around shoes on the floor.

Or perhaps someone else in the house could do the hard work and you could ride on that person’s back?!

Another option is to tie ropes to a chair for to practice holding the reins and steering.