Donate to NZRDA

Donate to NZRDA

Your generous gift of $50 can make a week of dreams come true for an RDA rider. A generous gift of $200 can make a whole month of dreams come true.

Make a dream come true AND get a tax refund

Each RDA (Riding for the Disabled) rider pays what they can towards their horse therapy, but they can’t afford to cover it all. Your generous gift will help keep each rider safe and sound no matter what.

Your generous gift will provide each rider with their own expert RDA support team of trained coaches and volunteers. Keeping each trained RDA horse – our ‘four-legged therapist – happy and focused. Keeping each RDA rider safe. Encouraging each RDA rider to set goals.

To achieve those goals. And then to set new goals. Bigger, better, even more awesome goals.

Your generous gift really can make a dream come true! Please help to ensure that an RDA rider can set awesome goals for this Year. Please help to make an RDA rider’s dreams come true.

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