Thank you for helping an RDA rider like Ruby to get strong


Your generous gift puts you at the heart of an RDA rider's therapy support team.

Each rider pays what they can towards their RDA therapy. But there's no way they can ever afford to cover the full cost of providing such specialist care. 

Your generous gift provides a person with a disability with their own expert support team. A trained team of RDA coaches and volunteers (and RDA horses). Trained to assist and care for each RDA rider, and to keep them safe and sound.

Your generous gift helps a rider like Ruby to get up in the saddle – and to stay there longer. For as long she needs, to get strong, to stay strong, to thrive. To forge ahead not just at riding and learning but also to use her RDA skills to forge ahead in all other areas of her life.

Your generous gift can help reach more RDA riders. More kids like Ruby. 

Thank you.

Watch Ruby get strong

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Thank you for helping an RDA rider like Ruby to get strong.