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Gingerbread Horse Challenge 2019

Published: 30/09/2019
Updated: 01/11/2019

Thank you to everyone who took the time to bake, decorate and sell Gingerbread Horse cookies in 2019. 

Registrations are now closed, but we hope to see you next year for Gingerbread Horse 2020!                    


The Gingerbread Horse Challenge is running again in 2019. Gingerbread Horse is a community-led fundraising challenge in support of Riding for the Disabled. Join in now and register as a Gingerbread Horse Baker. Or find out more here. Bake and decorate tasty Gingerbread Horse biscuits, then sell your biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the public. Donating the proceeds will assist us to reach more RDA riders and change more lives.