Our Ambassador

NZRDA Ambassador, Melanie Kerr.

Our Ambassador, Melanie Kerr, is also a volunteer at Auckland’s North Shore RDA group. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, energy and compassion to our organisation.

“Over my time as a volunteer, I have seen visible differences in the lives of the children who come to ride. I have been moved to tears by the strength and courage displayed by children, that if you were to pass them in the street, you would not believe what they are capable of.”

Melanie has a varied background in rural and urban areas of New Zealand and Australia. She “grew up on the back of a horse” in the Eastern Bay of Plenty and after high school, she lived in the outback of Western Australia, where she worked in a gold mine, drove trucks and helped to run a 1.3 million-acre cattle station.

Melanie has worked for the Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind as a puppy development manager, as an international flight attendant for Air New Zealand and has had a long career in radio and television presenting. 

She has two sons, Fletcher and Pierce.

“I love the work I do and am grateful for the many opportunities that come my way. People are my focus and so long as I am able, I will endeavour to use my powers for good, not evil!”

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