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Dancing With The Stars

Published: 12/10/2017

Dancing With The Stars for NZRDA

Sam Hayes is putting on her sequins and dancing her heart out for NZRDA

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Sam Hayes co-anchors Three's flagship news programme Newshub Live at 6 pm with Mike McRoberts, and now it’s time for her to don some sequins and train for the experience of a lifetime!

“Who doesn’t love being embarrassed in public?” jokes Sam. “I do love a good challenge!” Over the last decade, Sam has fronted many of Three’s news and current affairs programmes, from Nightline to Newshub Late, 3News to 3rd Degree and 3D Investigates and spent a stint in Sydney as the channel’s Australia Correspondent. Her stories have seen her venture into Mongrel Mob and Black Power gang headquarters, sit down in the recording studio with Kiwi singer Lorde and run a half marathon in the Masai Mara Game Reserve during the Great Migration. She considers reporting on climate change from Antarctica one of her greatest achievements.

The charity she will be supporting is the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association. NZRDA deliver goal-based riding activities that increase the ability, independence and confidence of people with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges. “I grew up riding horses and teaching children to ride. NZRDA work with 3,000 people with disabilities every week. They set goals and through education, therapy and fun are really able to help them. They have a waiting list and want to reach many more people and change more lives and I’d love to help them do that,” says Sam.

“Horses are empathetic, kind, gentle animals, and I’ve seen first-hand how positive their impact can be in a child’s life.” The proud vegetarian grew up in Milton, South Otago. One of Sam’s best mates is her SPCA cat Minnie. While she’s not busy presenting the news, she enjoys running, paddle-boarding, hiking and baking.